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TOP / NEWS / The Meiji-Jingu Kobudo Tikai was covered by the media.

  • 2023年11月13日
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The Meiji-Jingu Kobudo Tikai was covered by the media.

New Tangjin TV Nihon Hodo Station covered the event and it was aired.


I would like to introduce it in English using Google translation.


[New Tang News, Beijing Time, November 4, 2023] On November 3, the Japanese Ancient Martial Arts Tournament was held at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo to protect, inherit and promote Japan's long-standing traditional martial arts. It is the theme of this conference. At this tournament, 59 styles including swordsmanship, kenjutsu, jujutsu, cane jutsu, boxing jutsu, and Karate jutsu took to the stage, demonstrating traditional Japanese martial arts in front of domestic and foreign tourists. Unlike modern martial arts, kobudo is a traditional Japanese martial art that originated in life-or-death combat and has been passed down to this day for the purpose of strengthening the body, honing patience, and improving morality. It is a general term for. Various genres have emerged throughout history. This conference is sponsored by the Japan Kobudo Promotion Association, whose mission is to pass on and preserve Kobudo. Akio Shibata of the Japan Kobudo Promotion Association said, ``When practicing swordsmanship, you should not show your weaknesses to your opponent, emphasize pre-emptive attacks, predict your opponent's movements in advance, and attack quickly. You need to face your own mind, adjust yourself through meditation, breathing techniques, etc., and get closer to the martial arts created by our ancestors.This is the direction that modern martial artists are aiming for.'' Date of this Kobudo Tournament is also Japan's legal culture day. Many domestic and international tourists who visit Meiji Shrine are drawn to the charm of traditional martial arts and stop to watch. European tourist: "I've only seen martial arts performances like this on YouTube. I think it's very exciting to see a live performance today. I'm very excited to see a performance like this. I'm very happy. I'm very happy to see so many Japanese people performing martial arts.''The tradition is still being passed down, and I think this traditional martial art is very important. ” American tourist: “(Japanese martial arts) is very exciting. I was very surprised that so many people practice martial arts. We need to continue learning about our culture and history. I think this (tradition) is very important. That's what's important." The Japan Kobudo Tournament highlights the beauty of traditional martial arts that "starts and ends with a bow," and continues to pass it on.